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Hi everybody I've written this journal because I need help.

Recently I found out that one of my designs is being stolen and sold on eBay…

Aside from a different font you can see plainly that it's my design, word for word that's on sale on redbubble here…

I've already reported the item to eBay and tried contacting the seller several times but he has ignored me thus far. However I implore everybody reading this to also report the seller and even contact the seller in reagrds to this in and effort to have it taken down.

I also wish to inform any other artist/t-shirt designer to look through their eBay shop as I have also found dozens of other stolen designs from artists I've seen from redbubble, teebusters and all sorts of places.

So I'd really appreciate every bit of help I could get :P

From the 6th - 8th of August, my Community design will be available on shirts and hoodies on Teebusters!

Use Use CMMNTY1 to get 10% of your purchase! Thanks again to everyone who voted!!
My Avengers 'I Still Believe in Heroes' shirt is currently available on for a limited time only! 15th-17th of March! Get it while it's available!

Also don't forget to vote for my other shirt designs so that they too may go up on sale!
So I've finally been able to make my designs available on Teebusters!

*waits for applause*



Anyways I'm currently in the midst of uploading quite a few, namely Avengers, Sherlock, Doctor who, Bit of Walking Dead and another shows and fandoms up there so vote and spread the word if you want to see them up for sale. Here's my profile with the current designs up.

Also this 'I Still Believe in Heroes' shirt is going up on sale some time in March so keep yar eyes peeled for it! :P
Hey dude, some of my shirts are now featured on a new t-shirt site Teedrobed. :D…

Check it out please if you have time and like some of my shirts and spread them about on facebook and stuff, I'd really appreciate it :P
Hi there, not sure if people read this or not but I've recently noticed somebody using one of my pieces of artwork to sell on shirts and generate their own sales on redbubble. (Not sure if I should post a link yet to the incident in question)
When I first came across this I have to admit....I was kinda excited and bemused....but as it's sunk in I'm actually kinda pi**ed off and have carried out the approriate steps to have the image in question taken down.

If anyone does read this and is familiar with my work and comes across any of it anywhere else on the interwebz please notify me here with a link to said art...

Thanks :)
So I've just created a facebook page as a new way of promoting my art and mainly shirts in an effort to sell more.
So if you have facebook and like my designs well please like and share amongst your friends and other pages

Some of my most recent designs are for sale here on redbubble…

These are mainly the most simplistic ones and no Avengers related stuff unfortunatly